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Back in the old days, before there was dirt, there was a realtor happily wandering along his path helping his clients with the buying and selling of thier little plots of land. He was happy and his clients were happy. All was good.

But the longer our realtor walked, the more he kept bumping into this strange thing called the Internet. To the left, he stumbled over the World Wide Web; and to the right, he stumbled over these strange things called web pages. Much like when fire was first discovered, this ancient realtor was impressed by this new addition to his existence and slightly in awe of its vastness. He hesitated getting too close.

But then our realtor met this Red bird, full of sunshine and happiness. This little bird was experiencing empty nest syndrome and needed a new focus in life. As luck would have it, this little birdie spoke a foreign language called Geek Speak.

The little bird twittered endlessly about the joys of computers and the realtor smiled and nodded, in awe of the birdie's knowledge. The little birdie listened to the wise realtor and was in awe of his knowledge. Eventually, the birdie guided our realtor into the next century and taught him about this thing we call technology, email and social media. She taught him how to use it to help his clients. The realtor was happy The clients were happy. All was good.

And Your Property Tour was born.

And all was very very good.

~ Don & Red


We think our reviews reflect that customer service is a top priority at Your Property Tour.

Past Sales

Don's sales records pre-date Internet records but you can see some of his sales records online.